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5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Qur’an Recitation (and 5 ways to improve it over time 😉)

I recently had the honour of participating in one of the most incredible events I have ever taken part in. The Ladies of Light Qur'an Healing Circle, organised by the Rabbani Project (@therabbaniproject ) and Rabata UK (@rabata_org ) was a unique online gathering of...

Sea Shanty TikTok and the Power of Nostalgia

As waves crash and the wind howls, a great merchant ship is tossed this way and that like a pendulum by a storm in the North Atlantic.  Ice-cold saltwater sprays as men raise their calloused hands to tough, weathered ropes. Heave! The Shantyman calls out over the...

7 Benefits of singing as your new self-care

With the profound changes to our daily lives brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the cultural shift of the late 2010s towards demystifying mental health and the importance of self-care has taken on an even greater importance. While we have kept in isolation from...